Sunday, November 28, 2004

P'ano ang pano?!?

ways to work with holga panos are best explained here. of course, you can always expose not overlapping images and just stich 'em @ PS. ^_____^

try it. its fun. just remember - [if doin' overlapping images] film advances from LEFT to RIGHT, so movement should be same and NOT the other way (R to L). i learned the hard way... hehehehe... ;)

oo nga, when na lomo crawl ulit?!?!?


u l a n said...

tara howsabout dec 11? =) saan tayo?

u l a n said...

teka teka, the film advances from left to right. which means the first shot you take has to be the rightmost portion of the panoramic image. tama? i'm gettin confusticated hahaha.

tapos pano mo ipapa-print? di ba nababadtrip yung tao sa photo place? hehehe

hypersomniac said...

im ok with december 11 ..san ba ? corregidor ? malate ? ano bang meron sa december 11?